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Why Spending Your Cryptocurrency is Easier Than Ever

Why Spending Your Cryptocurrency is Easier Than Ever

Bitcoin was a truly revolutionary idea -- for the first time in history, you could act as your own bank.

Unfortunately, for early adopters, acting as a bank wasn't easy. Acquiring, storing and actually spending cryptocurrency was a tricky proposition.

However, we've come a long way since those early days. Reliable and secure exchanges have made buying, selling and trading digital assets trivially easy. New wallets have made storage a relative snap.

And while we're still not at the point where spending Bitcoin is as easy as using a conventional credit or debit card, those days may not be far away.

Why Spending Digital Assets is Becoming Easier

Though blockchains and digital assets long ago transcended the limitations of being used as a pure currency (programmable blockchains like Ethereum aspire to be nothing less than "world computers"), buying and selling remains crypto's original and most natural use case.

Thanks to the following three important developments, the promise of widespread digital currency acceptance is closer than ever to being fulfilled.

Fulfilling the Original Promise of Digital Currency

As the technology supporting digital currencies continues to mature, transactions will become not only faster, but also more reliable. As that occurs, merchant adoption will increase, making cryptocurrency a viable alternative to existing payment systems.

Cryptocurrency credit/debit cards will also play a key role in this process, as they allow holders access to the best of both worlds: the opportunity to hold and trade in a digital asset while enjoying the speed and flexibility of existing payment processing networks.

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