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 Trading As A Form Of

Personal Freedom

Close your eyes and see the expanse. The ability to move on a path or

off it. An open expanse of water begging you to wander and explore.

The limits of your exploration are confined to your imagination, stamina

and resources of water, food and time.

That is freedom.

Trading is like these moments. Moments of pure agency where you can

do as you please. Where you can test your limits and expand your

capacity. Moments where you can feel flow and a sense of being alive.

The possibilities before you abound.

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Using Lean Startup Principles to

Create Your Crypto Trading MVP

When most people hear the letters MVP, they are thinking of velvet

ropes, invitations in perfectly pressed envelopes and the royal

treatment. However, for the startup founder, entrepreneur or someone

immersed in technology, it means something altogether different.

The entrepreneurs’ MVP is the Minimum Viable Product. It is part of

the lean startup approach to ideation, market validation, and

developing a user base.

Being a startup founder and entrepreneur is, in many ways, similar to

being a trader. After all, trading involves uncertainty, testing,

research, market exploration – all things that are part of the startup


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Finding Opportunities in Human


On Black Friday people line up outside of shopping malls, getting ready for

the competition bell to go. Then, they run, push, shove and fight for that

next possession. There’s anticipation. Triumph. A story when it’s all over.

Then the surge of dopamine fades…

Low dopamine is what’s happening in a trading room during periods where

most traders aren’t making any money. The days are long, tiring and

depressing. Then one trader has a winner, changing the entire dynamic of

the room.

Trading plans and decisions are often myopically focused on data and

information provided from your market. You get out the charts and look at

this moving average versus that one. You look at relative strength,

resistance or support on Bitcoin. You might find some value in chart

pattern that sounds like a shampoo commercial, like the head and

shoulders top or bottom in Ether.

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