Monthly Newsletter June 2019

What Crypto Traders Can Learn From Esport Competitors

As a crypto trader, you may have suffered from anxiety, sleep loss, depression, burnout and various physical injuries as a result of your commitment to trading.

You are not alone.

Many traders suffer from various ailments as they attempt to beat the market and work through the emotional price of learning how to perform better. Your profit and loss statement is merely a reflection of your ability to make good trading decisions in a variable, uncertain, and highly competitive environment.

But what leads to good decision making?

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Books For The Crypto Trader

Most traders consume a lot of material in the form of books, articles and forum posts when they start out. Some of these can be helpful, others are downright lethal. The power of a good book is in its ability to help provide you with perspective and shape your thinking.

These two things can help you with the development of new trading ideas and an understanding of how markets may develop and change. It shows you how psychology shifts and evolves based on circumstances, events and innovations.

As you read, you can see how markets have been shaped by catastrophic events, government policy and innovation. You can gain insight into where we are in crypto and decentralized innovation and where we might be going.

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Crypto Traders Are Made With Soft Skills

Are traders made or born? This is a debate the legendary Richard Dennis described in Jack Schwager’s first book: Market Wizards. He decided to settle a debate about whether traders were made or born with an experiment.

So he taught a group of new traders a system to trade markets and examined their performance. What he discovered was that traders that followed the system and didn’t deviate from the process made money. A lot of it! So Dennis proved that traders can be “made” given they have a system, understand how the system works and execute the system even through drawdowns. What he also said was important, was that these traders were expected to add their own judgment, insights and interpretation to what he showed them. The soft skills.

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Blockchain Futurist Conference, Will We See You There?

Bitvo is excited to announce our partnership with the 2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference this August 12 – 14 in Toronto, Canada. It is the largest most high profile blockchain event in Canada with last year’s conference bringing together +2,300 attendees, +60 speakers, and +80 media. As a part of the Bitvo community we would like to invite you to this iconic event and want to offer you a 50% discount code off all tickets types.

Use code BITVO50 at the checkout to receive your discount. Go to FUTURIST19.COM for all the info.

Follow @futurist_conf or @untraceableinc on Twitter for all the updates. We hope to see you there, your future will thank you

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