Monthly Newsletter July 2019

A Trillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A brief history of exchanges, why we need them and where they’re going.

A cryptocurrency exchange is designed to help human beings who don’t know or trust each other cooperate effectively.

They continue a long tradition of developing places for trade and price discovery that has been 1,000 years in the making.

From the trading of agricultural debt in 1100 BC France to the bourses of Bruges and Antwerp in the 1400s and 1500s, exchanges have been a fundamental part of our economic life.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, like Bitvo, represent the development of the marketplaces of the future using new technology for frontier financial innovations

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Do You Have Cryptocurrency Trading Rules? If Not, Borrow These

Have you ever been long a big position and watched it drift down into oblivion? It was only dropping a little each day…and then one day, you realized those little drops had become a river of money cutting a giant canyon through your account.

Or maybe you did some careful analysis and had a trading idea all mapped out…but you let somebody talk you out of it, only to watch it soar.

Every trader will eventually accumulate scars and pay a great deal of tuition. Those scars and tuition eventually form into rules or principles.

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How To Manage Your Crypto Trading Stress

Trading stress has many sources and some surprising physical and mental reactions. You may recognize the symptoms from some pharmaceutical ads you’ve heard. Like when you happen to have the TV on while trading, you hear an ad describing the symptoms of a heart attack. And after hearing it a few times you may actually laugh in sympathetic recognition.

Of course, the first time you heard it probably made you stop and think for a second…

After all, you’ve probably felt some of the things they are describing, repeatedly, every time one of your crypto trades unexpectedly dove into the abyss.

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