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Is Reacting  To News Helping Or 

Hurting Your Trading

A famous financial innovator was giving an interview at a conference. At one

point, he told the story of how the press reported the activity in the market,

and what really happened.

His story began by describing LA rush hour traffic on a freeway looks like

from a helicopter.

He said that from the sky, everything on the freeway looks organized. The cars

appear to move in perfect, synchronized flow. But when you get down to the

level of the cars, people are yelling at each other. People are giving each other

the finger – cutting each other off.

It’s chaos.

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A U G U S T   2 0 1 9   N E W S L E T T E R



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What A Crypto Trader Can Learn

From The World’s Most Feared 


The World’s Most Feared Negotiator, the late great Jim Camp, said that all

decisions are emotional and that the job of the professional negotiator is to

reduce emotion and move people to rational decision-making.

Rational decisions in negotiation require a mission, purpose, appropriate

questions and management of your four key budgets. These budgets are

emotion, financial, time and energy. The more you allow your adversary to

increase your four budgets, the worse your decisions will be.

Now if this seems a lot like trading, that’s because it is.

Traders require all of these components to make good trading decisions, but

we seldom manage our internal budgets in a systematic way like a professional

negotiator. For the trader, these four budgets are key components of your

internal balance sheet.

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What Is A Cryptocurrency Institutional 

Desk And What Does It Do

Today I’m having a conversation with Pam Draper and Shane Thomson of Bitvo.

The discussion is around institutional trading at a crypto exchange.

In this two-part interview, we cover how institutional crypto is similar and

different from traditional finance, the advantages of financial experience in an

entrepreneurial environment and regulation. We will also delve into what will drive

adoption amongst large institutional asset managers from the traditional financial


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Come See Us During Alberta 

Blockchain Week!

Will you be in Alberta in September? If so, please come by and say hello to the

Bitvo team during Alberta Blockchain Week!

Bitvo will be out and about at a number of events throughout the week. Hear

Bitvo’s CEO Pamela Draper and Crypto Mags speak about operating in a post-

Quadriga world from 3 – 5pm on Wednesday September 11th at the Alberta 

Blockchain Consortium’s Co-Share Office. This educational session will cover

topics such as how to avoid exchange failures, SIM hacks and scammers, how to

safeguard your crypto-assets and private keys, and how to better manage your

privacy. Stick around after this event for the Alberta Blockchain VIP Reception,

an elegant affair offering delicious appetizers, a signature charcuterie spread,

beverages and networking.

Take part in the Alberta Blockchain Summit all day on Thursday September 12th!

For tickets, a complete list of speakers and a schedule of events click here.

Can’t wait to connect with old and new friends in a few weeks!


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