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O C T O B E R   2 0 1 9   N E W S L E T T E R

 Dealing With Trading 


Losing is painful. And losing day after day for long periods of time is

disorienting and potentially destructive. If you’ve only had winners

during a bull market, these losses can be psychologically devastating.

Months ago, you could do no wrong. Now, nothing seems to go right. It

is these difficult periods that shape who you will become as a trader.

Great traders are never made in bull markets, they are forged in pain,

adversity and challenges. If you are in a slump, that pain, adversity and

challenge is part of your development and formation.

Your first slump is part of your long term preparation.

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Hold On A Second!

Want To Build Wealth In Cryptocurrencies? 

Here’s What Not To Do.

A trader noticed this one stock had lots of order flow on the buy-side.

The trader called the firm’s analyst, a well-respected expert on the

sector. This highly credentialed analyst was hot on the stock. He was

anticipating excellent results in the upcoming release. He seemed

plugged in, so his conviction was reassuring. The trader initiates a


The day before the anticipated announcement, the behaviour of the

stock started to change.  The selling increased, and the selling

pattern was unusual, considering the expectations of the analyst. The

trader checked around for news and called the analyst back for any

updates. The analyst was still bullish. He hadn’t heard anything

unusual, but the action wasn’t confirming the expert.

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Using Extreme Sports To Excel At 


So you missed another trade. You knew it was going to go, but you didn’t

buy it. You had your trading plan set.

You were ready…then you hesitated.

You were filled with doubt and worried about another soul-crushing loss.

Now your missed trade is working without you, so you beat yourself up

with negative self-talk. You’re starting to wonder if you’ll get through it.

Will you be able to pick a winner ever again?

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Join Us On November 12 For Start 

Up Calgary’s Launch Party!

Bitvo is honoured to be featured as one of the top technology start ups of

the year, so come join us in celebration! Startup Calgary’s 10th annual

Launch Party will showcase the city’s most innovative startups during the

city’s largest celebration of technology and innovation. Connect with

Calgary’s top tech startups, Launch Party alumni and community leaders.

Why? Community is key. Calgary’s startups need your support to get the

exposure they need to take their companies to the next level. Celebrate

alongside fellow entrepreneurs, investors, government & community


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