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What’s happening in crypto. Bitvo’s October Trading Reports 

Crypto and the democratization of finance
Can these 7 skills make you a better Bitcoin trader?

16 trading rules for the crypto day trader
New  Podcast content, Futurist Conference and more 


JP Morgan, Fidelity and PayPal weigh in on Bitcoin, and more 
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October 2020 Newsletter

In This Issue:

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Weekly Trading Update – October 5, 2020 
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Weekly Trading Update – October 26, 2020

Trading for the Month of

Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific 
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for 
BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.

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New From Bitvo

Crypto and the democratization of finance

Jet-setters have access to sophisticated financial products to protect their 
wealth. Now you have Bitcoin.

Can these 7 skills make you a better Bitcoin trader?

Could these 7 skills make you a better crypto trader? Which ones do you 
have and which ones do you need?

16 trading rules for the crypto day trader

Every trader should have some rules to help them survive and succeed. 
Which of these 16 trading rules are you missing?

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SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT! Bitvo has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming 
Futurist Conference presented by Untraceable and happening virtually November 11 –12, 
2020. Register for FREE




Our President & CEO recorded a podcast with Anthony of “What They Didn’t Teach You 
in School” where they discussed everything cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency 
trading and more! Check it out 



Also, Bitvo’s own Podcast continues to offer new episodes! Check out our latest 


Have you found us on TikTok yet? If not, check out some hilarious crypto memes and 
trading tips in short video format 



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Right Here

Around The Network

Calm and patient: 

2 crypto players start a fund, and trade well

How big are stablecoins? 

This big. 

Everybody likes PayPal: A big run in crypto 

credits PayPal for the move

. But it took a lot of juice to 

provide the base for the PayPal catalyst.  

Fist bump from a king: Paul Tudor Jones, the man who wrote the forward to The Alchemy of Finance, 

is a fan of Bitcoin

Breaking the ice: Bahamas moved beyond the study and discussion phase and

 launched a CBDC

The bank is forward looking: JP Morgan has been taking various steps indicating their acceptance of 

crypto. This time, 

they give the nod to Square


Stepping on the gas: The American government has been somewhat slow to get moving on crypto.


With 40 bills on the table this year

, they now have their foot on the gas. 

Making the case: Fidelity is a well known asset manager from Boston with strong participation in the 

crypto space. 

This piece, from Fidelity’s Digital Asset team

, is your must read for the month. 

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