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May 2022 



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Bitvo’s weekly trading updates for May


New from Bitvo:

The Building Continues | Web3 | Being Your Own Bank in





Alberta Technology Symposium | Blockchain Futurist 

Conference | Bitvo Cash Card


The Network:

Terra Blowup | Twitter and Crypto | a16z Report and more




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May Trading in Review

Weekly  crypto  highlights,  including  general  and  cryptocurrency  specific
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for
BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.


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May 2, 2022 

May 9, 2022 

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New from Bitvo 

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Crypto may be down, but the building continues 

If you’re feeling some whiplash with this market, you’re not alone.  The h8ters
are out in force telling everyone…

What is Web3 and why does it matter? 

Web3 sounds a bit like a marketing concept, doesn’t it?  Well, it is. But Web3
is a couple of other things…

What does being your own bank in crypto mean? 

Be your own bank. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement in the crypto space
before.  It comes up on Twitter…




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In case you missed it! Bitvo participated in the Alberta
Technology Symposium’s “The Future of FinTech” panel. A
replay is now available


 if you weren’t able to attend

and want to hear what Deloitte, 3iQ, Neo Financial, BLG
and Bitvo had to say about what’s coming.

Do you have your tickets yet? This summer Bitvo is
sponsoring the

Blockchain Futurist Conference

 in Toronto.

Use our promo code PATENO25 to receive 25% off
admission. We hope to see you there!




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The Terra blowup: 

This piece from Coindesk

 provides an excellent timeline of the

events as they unfolded. And a lot of red flags.

Terra has other repercussions: Various regulators are looking for a way to get their
hands on stablecoins. 

Terra gives them an excuse to talk about it.


But stablecoins are ok: The stablecoin market is being combined together as if it was
one common strategy. It isn’t. 

USDC is looking like the true stablecoin asset.

Sports still like NFTs: The concern that sports franchises

will walk away in a down 

market appears to be false. 


Beacon Chain update: Ethereum is looking to avoid the next “difficulty bomb” and 


the PoS set up before August. 


Twitter and crypto: The Twitter deal is going through the usual due diligence process,
but in the meantime, 

this explores some future crypto potential.


Resistance or strategy: 

Crypto has a strong presence at Davos,

which is interesting.

What isn’t clear is if crypto is there as a reminder and warning to the financial
overlords. Or is this strategic infiltration?

Bitcoin Pizza Day: The most important event in crypto after the Bitcoin whitepaper


Pizza Day


 This is when pizza transformed bitcoin from a digital token to a currency

leading to a trillion plus in market value and 19,000 projects. And yet, they still focus
on what the value of the Bitcoin would be today…

a16z report:

This is your must read of the month.

 An excellent report by the crew over

at Andreesen Horowitz.


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