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What’s happening in crypto. Bitvo’s June Trading Reports
New to crypto trading? Avoid these 9 mistakes
Are you a crypto trader, gambler or speculator?
Technical analysis basics for cryptocurrency traders
The Bitvo Team expands! And other announcements
It’s official! All crypto exchanges in Canada must now be
registered MSBs, and more in your links for the month

June 2020 Newsletter

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Weekly Trading Update – June 1, 2020 
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Weekly Trading Update – June 15, 2020 
Weekly Trading Update – June 22, 2020
Weekly Trading Update – June 29, 2020

Trading for the Month of

Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific news of
interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for BTC, ETH,
XRP, LTC and more.



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New From Bitvo

New to crypto trading? Avoid these 9 mistakes

New to crypto trading? You don’t have to make these 9 mistakes. Somebody
already did it for you.

Are you a crypto trader, gambler or speculator?

Crypto speculation is the best combination of trading principles, elements of
gambling and a dash of investing wisdom. 

Technical analysis basics for cryptocurrency traders

Technical analysis can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Emphasize simplicity
when trading cryptocurrency instead.



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The Bitvo Team welcomed Kenny Cheung to the team on June 1st! Kenny, VP Cryptocurrency

Sales and Trading,  brings  with  him  a  wealth  of  finance  and  trading  experience,  both  in

traditional  financial  markets  as  well  as  cryptocurrency.  Read  more  about  Bitvo’s  senior

leadership team



The  Bitvo  Team  virtually  attended  another  great  and  very  timely  event  hosted  by  the

Canadian Blockchain Consortium

 (CBC): A Tech Startup’s Roadmap to Recovery. Thank you for

the CBC team for keeping us informed and connected during these crazy times.

And speaking of the CBC, Bitvo’s CEO, Pamela Draper, had the pleasure of sitting down with

CBC co-founder  and  Executive  Chairwoman,  Koleya  Karrington,  in  an  Instagram  live  session

to  discuss  her  support  for  the  blockchain  industry  in  Canada  broadly  through  her  various

ambitious endeavors! For a replay of the conversation, please click here.

Looking for more on Bitvo’s journey so far? Check out Startup Calgary’s recent podcast

interview with Pamela Draper



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Right Here

Around The Network

It’s official: June 2020 marks the official start of registration of

Canadian crypto 

exchanges and digital money processors as Money Services Businesses 


Innovative regulation: 

New York is looking at the performance of its BitLicense


examining ways to encourage crypto entrepreneurs.
Morgan likes it: JP Morgan is out with some

favorable comments about Bitcoin in a 

recent report

The institutions are warming: Fidelity, a leader in crypto custody solutions, published a

great survey of institutional investors and their views of crypto

. Your must read of the

month. Want the TL,DR version?

It’s right here


Crypto Prime: The crypto space is borrowing another important element from traditional

markets, the Prime Brokerage service.

Genesis Global Trading bought a custodian 


BitGo set up their prime offering


Coinbase grabbed a prime desk

. This is a strong

signal of institutional interest.
Difficulty works: 

An examination of the changes in mining difficulty

 and some of the

incentives driving it.
And speaking of Bitcoin mining: In Texas, Bitcoin miners are

helping to manage energy 

production and supply by being part of the grid


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