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What’s happening in crypto. Bitvo’s July Trading Reports 

The Institutions are coming to cryptocurrency
Bitcoin is the foundation for a new financial literacy 

Crypto Mining: An interview with Ben Gagnon of Bitfarms
We’ve launched a podcast! And other announcements

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal change their tune, and more in
your links for the month

July 2020 Newsletter

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Trading for the Month of

Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for
BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.



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New From Bitvo

The Institutions are coming to cryptocurrency

Find out how institutions will impact the crypto market when they begin
allocating in size. 

Bitcoin is the foundation for a new financial literacy

Bitcoin is a new form of financial literacy. It’s real time, experience
based and focused on being a producer.

Crypto Mining: An interview with Ben Gagnon of Bitfarms

From a hobby securing the network to integrating into the energy grid,
crypto mining has moved to the mainstream.



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Bitvo launched its own podcast! Two episodes are available so far. In the first, our hosts

Steph and Tris discuss the evolution of cryptocurrency adoption and what it could mean

for the future. In the second, they provide some valuable trading tips! Check out both



and stay tuned for more!

And speaking of podcasts, we recorded an episode on Preconceived explaining the history

of cryptocurrency, how it works and why the economy called for a new type of currency.

Have a listen


FFCON20 kicked off in July. Bitvo is a sponsor and participant of this virtual conference.

Bring your FinTech ideas to life – it’s not too late to get tickets as it runs through the end of

August. Check out the schedule for the remaining weeks and get your tickets


. Use our

promo code “FFCON20_COMMUNITY_P”

We’re diving into the world of crypto art! Follow us on socials to view features like this




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Around The Network

Goin’ mainstream:

Guidance on crypto custody at national banks and federal savings


 means crypto is here to stay.

Keep your competition close:

The kings of payments have recognized the future

, and if

they want to be involved, it means they have to be in crypto. Will they be a bridge or

Mystery wallet: Tongues wagged

when a sizable amount of Bitcoin moved from one

wallet to another

. Well it happened again. The cost of the transaction? 48 CENTS. No

wonder Visa, Paypal and Mastercard are interested.
Filling coffers:

Grayscale announced that it vacuumed up another $900 sticks in assets.

And it seems that some of it is risk seeking with Zcash, ETH and Stellar posting gains

between 62-72%.
Hashing it out: 

The BTC hash rate made a record

. Look at the date of the

announcement… a pause before a run.
Dev in Dog Years: While the Ethereum platform is leading the proliferation of

stablecoin adoption,

they are still debating the timing of new releases.


Steady hand: The original crypto bank, Silvergate,

has been quietly developing lending 

and prime brokerage products

. Collateralized loans using Bitcoin appear to be hot right

The ownership economy: A16Z alum, Jesse Walden is leading a new crypto powered

ownership economy.

Jesse outlines his thesis here

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