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What’s happening in crypto. Bitvo’s January Trading Reports 

Should you be trading Bitcoin with leverage?
The futures of Bitcoin

You have the option to trade Bitcoin options
Bitvo named a top 10 cryptocurrency exchange globally, and more 


40 opinions on crypto, more options for Bitcoin options and more in
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January 2020 Newsletter

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Trading for the Month of

Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment
for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.



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New From Bitvo

Should you be trading Bitcoin with leverage? 

Cryptocurrency traders seem to love using leverage for trading. But that 

leverage has both an up and an ugly downside. 

The futures of Bitcoin

Bitcoin futures contracts let you hedge, speculate and do arbitrage. But 

should you use them? 

You have the option to trade Bitcoin Options 

Heard about crypto options? Find out what cryptocurrency traders need 

to know about trading Bitcoin options.



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Bitvo is honored to have been named a

top 10 cryptocurrency exchange globally

by Hackernoon. Bitvo’s number 9 ranking makes it the highest ranking

Canadian exchange on the list! Read about why we made the cut


President & CEO, Pamela Draper, attended and participated in a panel at the

BlockTech Connect conference organized by Unitralis at MacMaster University.

This educational event focused on how to thrive in a decentralized, borderless

and localized world using blockchain, AI and IoT.
While in Toronto, Pam and Andrei also attended the 4th annual

In’CrypTO, an

event that features top industry leaders and builders in Canada.

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Right Here

Around The Network

Diversity  of  narrative:  Looking  at

40  opinions  about  crypto  for  2019

,  some

common  themes  were  highlighted.  But  what  stands  out  is,  that  crypto  doesn’t

sound entirely like the groupthink it’s often made out to be.

Regumacation: Bitwise surveyed financial advisors to see what it would take to

get them involved in crypto. The answer?

More regulation

. They probably need

some education too. Read the whole thing


Grab a coffee before opening: And speaking of financial advisors,

here’s how one 

firm is looking at the crypto/blockchain space.

Crypto prize fight: The CME Group recently

launched their Bitcoin options on

futures contracts

 with some fanfare, but they weren’t first (with options on

futures). Right, Bakkt?

Quantum imagination: Quantum computing has seized the imagination of many.

George Gilder refers to it as

retro-analogue technology.

 The good news, it could

be important.

The other good news, it won’t be important for 10 years.

Banking on digital: Central banks are pursuing a variety of experiments around

digital currency development.

They’ve even developed a new framework.

But you

know what every market jawboner wants to know: will they still be able to

operate the “printing press?”

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