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What’s happening in crypto. Bitvo’s February Trading Reports 

Bitcoin is much more than digital gold
The Bitcoin Miracle highlights the value of regulation

What is a stablecoin, and why do central bankers care?
Bitvo participates in the launch of stablecoin QCAD! And more 


Could the Satoshi unit be the Trojan Crypto Horse and more in
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February 2020 Newsletter

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Weekly Trading Update – February 3, 2020

Weekly Trading Update – February 10, 2020


Weekly Trading Update – February 18, 2020


Weekly Trading Update – February 24, 2020

Trading for the Month of

Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment
for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.



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New From Bitvo

Bitcoin is more than digital gold

Bitcoin isn’t digital gold. But it does represent the ultimate hedge in an
unpredictable world.

The Bitcoin miracle highlights the value of regulation

Bitcoin may be unregulated, but the rise and evolution of crypto generally
shows us why regulation matters.

What is a stablecoin, and why do central bankers care?

Stablecoins are the next iteration of crypto, and the bankers aren’t exactly
happy about it.



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February was a busy month for the Bitvo team and the crypto community! Thank you

to all that stopped by to say hi at the events we attended.
Pam and Shane attended the

University of Calgary’s

 TechFest for the first time this

year  and  were  impressed  by  the  packed  house  of  over  1,000  attendees,

including over 40 exhibitors from across the Alberta technology sector.


, the first Canadian dollar-backed stable coin designed for the mass market,

went live! Bitvo participated in the launch, allowing its customers to be some of the

first to gain access to this innovative product.
Bitvo sponsored the young professionals networking group

Hip Haus

, that was

founded to foster new professional relationships. Toronto-based team members

Andrei and Maggie were in attendance.



Alberta Blockchain Consortium

hosted its first monthly wine and cheese event of

the year and presented on Blockchain for Business 101. We are looking forward to

what else the movers and shakers at the ABC, one of Bitvo’s most valued corporate

partners, have in store for 2020!

Want to know what we’re up to? Follow us in real time on our social handles!



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Satoshi Horse: Visa’s Head of crypto is thinking deeply about crypto and the idea of


Could the Satoshi unit be the Trojan Crypto horse? 

The biggest hardware wallet seller? Samsung has big plans for its phones

including crypto 

and blockchain support

. Will this innovation make it to all their SSD’s as well?

Libra gets some love: 

The boyz in Waterloo are giving Libra the nod.

With everything to

gain and little to lose, this could be a Shopify match made in heaven.
CAD does 1s and 0s: 

Canada’s QCAD stablecoin is LIVE! 

Providing a variety of interesting

use cases, QCAD is the product of a consortium including Stablecorp, 3iQ and Mavennet

The bank has something to say: 

The team at JPM has put together an epic blockchain and 

crypto report

. You may not agree with all their points, but it is an excellent overview of the

space and the banks thinking around it. Download this one, and get your coffee ready.
Hedgehoggin’: The masters of the Hedgie universe

are in crypto

Bragging rights: 

The CME seems to be crushing it with their Bitcoin futures and options 


. But don’t count Bakkt out just yet…

Irony alert: Whatever’s left of Mt. Gox found a “premium offer” and it’s, wait for it,


 You know, the guys that almost folded during the financial crisis…and abandoned

their commitment to the 2010 Olympic Village.


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