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Bitvo’s February Trading Reports
Lessons from GameStop
Your personal trading style
Keep your crypto gains
Join the CBC’s free webinar, and more announcements from Bitvo
Elon Musk, ETH futures launch, and more in your links for the month

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Weekly Trading Update  February 01, 2021
Weekly Trading Update  February 08, 2021

Weekly Trading Update  February 16, 2021

Weekly Trading Update  February 22, 2021

Trading for the Month of


Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific news of

interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for BTC, ETH, XRP,

LTC and more.

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New from Bitvo

Crypto trading styles are personal,
what’s yours?

When money is on the line, finding
the right trading style for your
personality is an advantage.

What crypto traders can learn from

GameStop shows traders and market
participants what’s important in markets.

How to keep more of your crypto
trading gains 

An old portfolio manager said that
money was easy to make and hard
to keep. That applies to crypto
too. Find out why.



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Join the Free webinar! 

Did you know that Bitvo’s President & CEO is a member of the

Canadian Blockchain


‘s FinTech Committee? The CBC provides valuable education to the crypto

community in Canada through its website, blog posts, newsletters and events.

This is a

free virtual event

, and you are welcome to join.

Don’t miss the FinTech Committee’s inaugural event next week, a webinar discussing

the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule, the future of finance and so much more.



, we hope to see you there!



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Replay Keynote Presentation – Crypto 101
Bitvo participated as a keynote speaker in

Adelaide Capital

‘s crypto day, shining a

light on increased institutional interest in cryptocurrencies globally. A

replay of the 


 is available for anyone who missed it.

Have you found

Bitvo on TikTok

 yet? If not, check out some hilarious crypto

memes and trading tips in

short video

 format here.

Need help?
Don’t forget that Bitvo offers

24/7 customer support

 for all of your crypto-trading


Want to know what we’re up to? Follow us in real time on our social handles!



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Around The Network

Making a statement

Elon grabs $1.5 billion in Bitcoin

. It’s bullish for the software, but maybe a bit bearish on the current

monetary environment.
No longer Fink’n about it

The number one asset manager on the planet,

Larry Fink’s Blackrock, is interested in Bitcoin


Me too! 

Morgan Stanley isn’t planning on being left out of Bitcoin the party


Old dogs with new tricks

A comparison of Mastercard, Visa and PayPal in their approach to digital assets.
Changing perception

Once considered a fringe asset class,

crypto is now center stage in the minds of traditional financial 

firms and their customers



Where we are now

Who invested the most in Bitcoin

 over the last several months?

Ether futures

The CME group has listed the first financially settled

 Ether futures.

Here’s why it matters


Put your feet up

The House of Morgan takes a deep dive

 into fintech, digital assets and Bitcoin. If you want the big

picture view, this is a good one.

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