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What’s happening in crypto: Bitvo’s December Trading Reports 

Trade like a pro: How to evaluate your crypto trading results
Growing up: Key events in crypto 2019

Crypto Outlook 2020 with Bitvo’s CEO and Head of Crypto Trading
Bitvo had a contest! And more announcements…

2019’s Eleven, Dorsey the Magician and more in your links for the

December 2019 Newsletter

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Weekly Trading Update – December 2, 2019

Weekly Trading Update – December 9, 2019

Weekly Trading Update – December 16, 2019

Weekly Trading Update – December 23, 2019

Trading for the Month of

Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment
for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.



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New From Bitvo

Trade like a pro: How to evaluate your crypto trading results for this year

Are you leaving money on the table in your crypto trading? Find out how 

much with your annual trading evaluation. 

Growing up: Key events in crypto for 2019

2019 has been a building year for crypto. We found out that Bitcoin ain’t 

dead, Facebook wants to be a central bank, and a lot of nations are 

thinking about digital currency solutions.

Crypto outlook 2020: Interview with Bitvo Executives

Pam Draper and Shane Thomson of Bitvo weigh in with their thoughts on 

crypto for 2020.



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Congratulations to our Altcoin Fantasy cryptocurrency trading simulation
contest winners! Early December, the Bitvo team credited funds to the Bitvo
accounts of all of our trading experts. We hope you had as much fun playing
along as we did and wish you every success in your future crypto trading

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Bitvo would like to
thank all of its customers for their business in 2019 and wish every one of you
the best in 2020!



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Around The Network

2019’s Eleven: Coindesk has assembled an eclectic list of 11 influential names in the

crypto space for 2019. Like crypto, you get the whole gamut of personalities ranging from

a spacey cat, to a Cotten thief and a wannabe brain surgeon. Each in-depth profile is

worth a read. Oh, and hey

Craig Wright, we are all Hodlonaut.

Privacy, ground zero: Everywhere we look the issue of privacy is present. There is a

pervasive belief that

decentralized technology can solve the privacy problem

. But

perhaps the privacy problem requires a simple starting point, like a definition of what

personal privacy is in the 21st century.
Surprise?: Millennials like peer-to-peer more than entertainment for investment.


and “Hey boomer,” not so much. 

The Legarde Curve: Current ECB head, Christine Lagarde, wants to get ahead of the curve

on stablecoins. She sees demand, and the bank must respond to that demand,

so they 

are going to hurry up and…study it. 

NY updating a little Bit: Perhaps one of the most important regulators in crypto is the

New York Department of Financial Services with their BitLicence. On December 11, after

five years, they have submitted a proposal for updates.

The responses due by January 27, 

2020 should be interesting. 

Dorsey the Magician: Jack gets panned a lot for Twitter’s deficiencies like censorship,

crummy financial performance and inconsistent policy. But this recent decentralized

Twitter announcement really got tongues wagging. Now, think about this,

what if Jack’s 

DeTwitt turns into an unexpected killer crypto payment solution? 

Shhhh. Don’t tell


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