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What’s happening in crypto. Bitvo’s April Trading Reports 

How to avoid risk when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange 
Is it time for cryptocurrency to cross the chasm?

How to protect yourself against cryptocurrency theft 
Your Bitvo Cash Card experience upgraded! And other announcements…

A must read about the Bitcoin halving and more in your links for the month

April 2020 Newsletter

In This Issue:

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Weekly Trading Update – April 6, 2020


Weekly Trading Update – April 13, 2020


Weekly Trading Update – April 20, 2020 

Weekly Trading Update – April 27, 2020

Trading for the Month of 


Weekly crypto highlights, including general and cryptocurrency specific news 
of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for 
BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.

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New From Bitvo

How to avoid risk when choosing a crptocurrency exchange 

Find out how to choose a secure cryptocurrency exchange in Canada for your 
buying, selling and trading needs.

Is it time for cryptocurrency to cross the chasm?

Cryptocurrency is built on a foundation of innovation and learning. Now it’s 
crossing the chasm. Find out why.

How to protect yourself against cryptocurrency theft

Find out how to use cybersecurity best practices to protect your crypto holdings, 
because cybercriminals never sleep.

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With April coming to a close, the Bitvo team has now been successfully working from home 

for about six weeks. We’d like to thank all of our customers for their business during this time 

and hope that you are just as safe, happy and healthy as the team here. We’re all in this 

In this new virtual world, the Bitvo team has been very busy! 
We completed of our first Instagram Live session featuring Rob Durscki,
 the COO of 

Stablecorp, to talk all things stable coins and QCAD. 
We significantly upgraded your Bitvo Cash Card experience! We mailed out our permanent 

Bitvo-branded and personalized Cash Cards to users who had previously purchased the card and 

were using the temporary card. With the new Cash Card, you can now manage card 

functionality on your own when logged into your Bitvo account. Some of the functionality 

available at your fingertips includes: activate your card; move funds to and from your card; 

check your balance and daily limits; review transactions; and manage security. For more 

information about Bitvo’s Cash Card, please 

click here

Our President & CEO, Pamela Draper, moderated a virtual panel hosted by the 


Blockchain Consortium.

 During this discussion, panel participants discussed how major security 

and privacy breaches in the world of digital currency exchanges have cost consumers hundreds 

of millions of dollars, exposed sensitive information and eroded public trust and what this 

emerging branch of fintech is doing now to complete a transformation towards safer and more 

trustworthy exchanges with enhanced cybersecurity and new regulatory oversight for laws like 

AML and KYC. 

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Right Here

Around The Network

Rebel or mainstream? With moves of 50% to 80%, Bitcoin is almost without peer in terms of the volatility 

it has exhibited, especially recently. The question is, 

which Bitcoin narrative is most likely to succeed?

Hedgehogs: And speaking of mainstream, 

Grayscale’s Q1 report 

 tells us that hedge funds are moving into 

the space,

 including the big dog, Ren Tech.


The Chicago way:  Chicago is well known for its deep trading talent pool and trading product innovation. 

The Chicago DeFi alliance 

brings together tech, venture capital, crypto and old school trading to accelerate 

DeFi development. 
Pivoting: Bitvo’s own Pam Draper talks about her decision to go from white shoe banking to 

the challenges 

of startup entrepreneur. 

Stop right here: This is your must read for the month. Lots of fluffy articles have been written about the 

Bitcoin halving, 

but this one gives you a unique perspective focused on the mining element.

 And keep in 

mind, that capital flows into the market is a key component. 
Stabilizin’: The first Bitcoin fund to get approved in North America 

is now listed on the TSX

. Hot off the 

successful release of their cofounded QCAD Canadian stablecoin with Mavennet, 3iQ continues to broaden 

their presence in the crypto space. 
Digitized: A recent bill in congress highlighted a vision for digitization of the buck. That vision, is coming, 


is described as an addition rather than a replacement.

The United States of Libra: The Libra crew 

has decided to adjust their vision slightly

. They will now use 

several different stablecoins through their rail. So basically a bunch of payment rails inside one rail, run by, 

Foreshadowing? While the growth of stablecoins is remarkable, it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to 

Bitcoin or fiat generally. 

But what happens when this trend accelerates? 

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