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April 2022 






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Bitvo’s weekly trading updates for April



New from Bitvo

Bitcoin in Canada | Blockstream and Liquid Network | Central 

Bank Digital Currencies





Alberta Technology Symposium | Blockchain Futurist 

Conference | A BIG Milestone for Bitvo



The Network

That last 10% | Crypto in Ukraine | China’s CBDC reality and more 

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Weekly  crypto  highlights,  including  general  and  cryptocurrency  specific 
news of interest, as well as YTD trading history and current environment for 
BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and more.




Trading Updates 


April 4, 2022 

April 11, 2022 

April 18, 2022 

April 25, 2022


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New from Bitvo 

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Buy Bitcoin in Canada 

Bitcoin is a new vision of money for an entire generation. But it is also much 
more than that.   

Blockstream and the Liquid Network for Bitcoin 

While most of the DeFi and NFT attention has been on Ethereum, Cardano, 
and others, Bitcoin has also been quietly adding this capability. 

Central Bank Digital Currencies: problem or solution? 

In 2022, central banks are getting more involved in the crypto space. Part of 
this is oversight. 

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And last but certainly not least, the Bitvo team is thrilled 
to announce the achievement of a significant milestone; 
its successful registration as a restricted dealer under 
Canadian securities laws. Bitvo is one of the first crypto 
asset trading platforms to achieve this designation. For 
more details, please see the full press release 


We would like to thank all of our customers for their 
support through this incredible journey so far! We look 
forward to continuing to trade with you and working to 
make the Bitvo platform the best place to buy, sell and 
trade crypto assets in Canada.  


Need help? Bitvo offers 24/7 customer support! 

Bitvo sponsored and attended the Alberta Technology 
Symposium, hosted by the Canadian Blockchain 
Consortium. The team participated in a panel discussion 
on the Future of FinTech, alongside other cryptocurrency, 
blockchain and financial technology experts. It was great 
to reconnect with those in the industry in person and we 
hope to see more Bitvo Traders soon!  
Speaking of, this summer Bitvo is sponsoring the 
Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto. Use our promo 
code PATENO25 to receive 25% off admission. We hope to 
see you there!  




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That last 10%: 90% of the total Bitcoins to be released are out there. But that 

last 10% is 

going to take awhile. 


Dressing your avatar: This metaverse thing is getting serious. 

Frabricant is going to help you 

“get dressed”. 


In case you missed it:

A rundown of the Bitcoin conference in Miami


One of crypto’s best investors: 

A spotlight on Chris Dixon,

 a partner at a16z and one of the 

sharpest minds in crypto VC.  
Crypto Twitter gonna be lit:

Elon takes over Twitter

. DOGE responds with a lift.  

Crypto in Ukraine: This is an interesting look at

how crypto can be used in times of strife,


the benefits over the traditional banking infrastructure.  

The Canadian money debate: Pierre Poilievre is talking about

Canadian monetary policy 

while highlighting Bitcoin.


Backed by Bitcoin: The Terra blockchain is

adding Bitcoin to its UST stablecoin reserves.


The Iceman cometh: This is another example of interesting projects being funded with 
innovative crypto financing models. In this case

it’s for a triathlon attempt in Antarctica

. The 

trailer is awesome. Shackleton would approve.  
China’s CBDC reality: Rich Turrin, an American tech and finance consultant living in Shanghai, 

gives you the skinny on China’s CBDC.


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