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November 2019 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Weekly trading reports for the month of November 

Surviving winning streaks as a crypto trader
Libra…marketing or cryptocurrency?

Crypto fundamentals for trading
Ready to test your crypto trading skills? And more Bitvo 


Are you part of the 5%?… Selected links from around the



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Weekly Trading Update – November 4, 2019


Weekly Trading Update – November 12, 2019

Weekly Trading Update – November 18, 2019

Weekly Trading Update – November 25, 2019

November Cryptocurrency
Trading Recap 

Following a sharp rebound at the end of October, November
was a mostly down month for cryptocurrency prices. However,
prices popped once again last week and we have seen stability
and more positive momentum heading into month end.



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New From Bitvo

Libra, cryptocurrency or marketing exercise?

What if the Libra has the  potential to be the killer crypto coin by making 

one market-defining change?

Are cryptocurrency fundamentals for trading?

What are some crypto fundamentals, and can they be applied to trading?

Surviving winning streaks as a crypto trader

Surviving a winning streak as a crypto trader means focusing on what
you make and what you keep.



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The Bitvo team was busy in November! Here are some highlights.
Bitvo was honoured to be named one of Calgary’s top startups of 2019 by Startup

Calgary. Pam and Shane enjoyed meeting old and new customers at the Bitvo booth

at Launch Party 10!
Bitvo sponsored Unstoppable Women in Tech event put on by the team at Bitcoin

Bay in Toronto.
Regulation  is  coming  to  the  crypto  space  in  Canada  and  Bitvo  will  be

involved  in  informing  regulators  with  Pam  participating  in  IIROC’s


Crypto-Asset  Working  Group  (read about it here).

Altcoin  Fantasy  and  Bitvo  partnered  on  our  first competition! We gave away

hundreds of dollars to winners  throughout  the  course  of  the  two week  contest

in  which participants competed to demonstrate their cryptocurrency trading skills.

We  hope  you  took  advantage  of  this as well as our Black  Friday Deals!

Know of an event you think Bitvo should participate in?

Please let us know by emailing the details to

Want to know what we’re up to? Follow us in real time on our social handles! 



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You Might Also Be Interested 


Growing up: The long awaited approval of a Bitcoin Fund has taken place, and it was a

Canadian group that got it done. Following OSC approval, 3iQ is working with none

other than Gemini Trust of New York, of Winklevoss fame.

Trust minimization: When they say truth is stranger than fiction, they were foreshadowing the Quadriga story. This is an article on the exchange, its main players and the many red flags.

The lesson? When your money is involved, better take a hard look at the founders.

Are  you  part  of  the  5%?:  The  Bank  of  Canada  has  discovered  that  the

awareness of  Bitcoin  has  risen  to  89%  and  ownership  to  5%.  But  apparently,  it’s  still  a 

speculators paradise.

The big dog speaks: RBC came out with their intentions to develop several unique products related to crypto. This is a sign of both the legitimacy of the space and, arguably, that the pace of

regulatory reform in Canada is about to accelerate.

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