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M A Y   2 0 1 9   N E W S L E T T E R

Trading Styles are Personal

What kind of a crypto trader are you?

What kind of trader are you? Are you the type that likes to get in for a taste

with a trade and play around? Or are you stepping in to make a statement

about what you believe the future will be?

Do you like to dance around in the market, or grab offers and pound bids all

day? Maybe you need to do deep analysis and research. Are you a

speculator, market maker or investor?

Everyone who becomes successful in the trading arena has a style that fits

their personality. The challenge is to find out what it is quickly so you can

get focused on developing your ideal trading process and get the results

you want.

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Your Trading Activities are 


Get your crypto tax info ready early

So you’ve been trading a new asset class called cryptocurrency. It’s

largely unregulated. It’s a protest against “the man.” It’s not centralized…

And you still have to pay your taxes.

Tax time is unpleasant for everyone, especially for people who do some

trading, or a lot of it. So since tax season for 2018 is behind us, it’s a

good time for cryptocurrency traders to start some good habits to make

tax season next year a little less daunting. The key to getting through tax

season with a minimum of hassle and headaches is good record keeping.

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Managing Crypto Trading Risk

Every day, multiple times a day, the anonymous oracles and soothsayers of

the Internet make predictions and assertions about where cryptocurrencies

will go. They will go higher. They will go lower. They will become the

defacto standard…

Have you made any money trading on these predictions?

Human beings are notoriously bad at making long term predictions

especially in dynamic environments like markets. So do you really want to

risk your hard earned money relying on the predictions of the oracles of the


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