Four resources for the cryptocurrency trader

If you’re an aspiring cryptocurrency trader, learning the basics can be a bit daunting. After all, we’re dealing with new, innovative and fast-changing technology. On top of that, a new asset class, like crypto, also has a lot of market and mental volatility.

For traders, having access to various crypto resources can be helpful, and there are many to choose from.

You can benefit from access to a data source and a solid platform for crypto market insight and research. A portfolio tracking tool can help you manage a variety of crypto assets as you trade. And while you are trading, having access to trading insights, written by a trader for traders, can help you in a variety of market circumstances.
Because, when it comes to markets, money and trading, the mental side is a significant part of the activity.

To help improve your trading experience, let’s take a closer look at four trading tools that you can use to enhance your trading performance.

Market Data –

Successful trading requires access to information, and that’s what offers. Though it began as a simple list of the top cryptocurrency projects, it now offers traders access to a vast pool of useful data.

You can get 24-hour trading volume for specific coins and tokens and lists of available trading markets. Coinmarketcap also provides you with links to project websites, source code, technical documentation and block explorers that can be used to track blockchain activity.

All of this data in one location makes an important resource for traders seeking valuable information on the market.

Crypto market research and insights –

Started by Ryan Slekis and his partner Dan McArdle, Messari provides a wealth of resources for crypto traders and enthusiasts. These include up to date research, crypto news and charting capabilities.

Through direct contact with projects across the entire crypto space, Messari gives you the skinny on projects. And Ryan isn’t known for holding back either.

They also have an excellent podcast series to help you expand your thinking and insights in the space called the Unqualified Opinions Podcast.

Portfolio Tracking –

Many traders have multiple accounts across a variety of exchanges. This makes it difficult to track one’s portfolio, right? Enter Blockfolio, a free portfolio tracker that collects all your data across every exchange account and provides it within a single interface.

Blockfolio is more than just a tracker. It also has a communications platform (Blockfolio Signal) that allows Blockfolio users to receive direct project development updates from the leaders of the coins and tokens they hold.

This makes Blockfolio a popular resource for traders of every skill and experience level.

Trading education for crypto traders – Bitvo Education

Here at Bitvo, we’ve invested in educational articles with traders in mind.

Written exclusively for Bitvo by a veteran professional trader, you can learn:

And much more in the extensive Bitvo education section.

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